Worst Adventurers Ever

Session 1

Throughout the region notices were been posted – the village of Red Larch was requesting assistance. Banditry was a rising concern, monster sightings were becoming more common, and the village didn’t have the resources to fight back on its own.

With the weather unnaturally hot, and the storms unnaturally fierce… it seemed the entire region was growing more chaotic… and the people were growing fearful.

You travelled to Red Larch, for your own reasons, but also each of you sharing a want to aid somehow. And there, while waiting in the Swinging Sword Inn for the constable to arrive back from wherever he had gone, you all met each other.

The days before the constable returned were quiet. The villagers largely avoided you… your group were strangers – and unique at that. You did overhear some chatter, mostly scared conversation and speculation. People have disappeared. Strange figures had been seen watching from the hills surrounding town. The roads were unsafe, and the weather seemed to be actively trying to work against them. Exaggerated stories and all sorts of fearful imaginings.

On his return, together you approached Constable Hurback… who with very little talking, leaped at your offer to help in desperation. While he couldn’t offer payment, he did offer the hospitality of the town.

His first job, bandits were ambushing travelers along the Cairn Road between Red Larch and the Bargewright Inn. Few had been able to make it through in weeks, he didn’t have the men to send, so he asked you to clear them out.

With the help of the town, and a wagon borrowed from Thelorn’s Safe Journeys, you disguised yourself as part of a small merchant caravan travelling the Cairn Road. And sure enough, about three miles outside town, the caravan was ambushed by a small group of armed bandits. It wasn’t much of a fight, they obviously were not expecting armed resistance, and it ended with a few dead and two quickly surrendering.

Between Grim’s creative intimidation, and the suggestion that Rhogar would be next in line to speak to them, it didn’t take long for them to give up the location of their camp.

The prisoners were sent back to town with the caravan, and you set off through the forest towards the bandit camp. Somehow along the way becoming a little turned around, ok you were lost, you found assistance in a pack of wolves Wash was able to befriend. The wolves pointed you in the right direction, and with their help you were able to sneak up to the camp without any further issues.

The bandits had setup a camp outside a small cave set into a hillside. A couple were sleeping, while several more were roasting something over a small fire. And oddly, they had a wagon, with a cage built into the top, and cage holding an obviously half-starved and very angry bear.

You planned, the plan went perfect, and these bandits were not even left with the opportunity to defend. The camp exploded into a chaotic mass of fire, acid, arrows, etc… that left none alive to even counter your attack…

…to be continued…

After all the haggling and looting, the merry band of misfits managed to scrape up a few coins. Here is what we got from the first session:

  • 120 gp each
  • 10 sp each



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