Kin Demon Slayer


One hundred and seventy-three years ago a young elf boy by the name of Kinareth Liadon was born to Thia Liadon and her husband Adran. They were a happy couple who revelled in their joy of becoming parents. Adran a diplomat of the elves would make the fateful decision to travel with his wife and seventeen-month old child on a diplomatic mission to address the growing hordes of orcs in the region. The caravan was overrun by orcs and everyone was killed except young Kinareth. Thia managed to hide her son before being slain by the orc war party. The orcs looted the caravan and bodies of the elves and by chance the one orc who might spare a child’s life discovered Kinareth. She picked up the child and snuck away into the woods.

The Orc woman was Shautha, an orcish witch of notable power both feared and respected by her kind. It was not uncommon for her to disappear for a day or two so none of the orcs took notice that she had left. Shautha travelled dep into the forest, until she came to a swamp region that most avoided. There she would raise the young elf child as her own for nine years.

Kin as Shautha had taken to calling him, finding the elven tongue to difficult to pronounce his full name, learned to survive in the swamp. He learned magic from Shautha and the orcish language. As he approached what would be his eleventh birthday he and Shautha were discovered by a group of elves that had travelled to the swamp to acquire some rare medicinal plants that grew there. The elves surprised by what they seen captured Shautha rather than kill her but also had to capture Kin as he tried to save the woman he now seen as his mother.

This created a rather strange situation for the high elves once they returned home. They quickly deduced who Kin was but they were puzzled about why he was spared and by Shautha. Kin was hostile to his own kind, hurling minor magics at them whenever they came near, he calmed only when he was with Shautha. Eventually a consensus was agreed to and Shautha was allowed to stay among the elves, though not in a prison cell she was in fact still a prisoner as she was limited to where she could go by powerful wards. Kin slowly started to learn the elvish language, and over the next couple years learned elvish customs. Many of the elves would call him Kinareth his birth name but it never replaced Kin. Four years after their capture Kin had assimilated back into the elvish community. One night Shautha said goodbye to him, gave him a strange red gem and then disappeared from the city. To this day the elves have not figured out how she escaped though it was studied for years.

After Shautha departed Kin became a child of the community. He excelled at magic and had an adventurous spirit. In his twenties he began to travel. First he returned to the swamp but he did not find Shautha. His journeys started to get more dangerous as he travelled into the orcish regions, scouting trying to find the orcish woman that had raised him. He would never find her. He gave up studying magic for a number of years, he was more interested in travel and adventure. He would help run shops in Calimport and Waterdeep to earn enough money to set off on his next adventure. He tried sailing for a while and travlled to the far north. At the age of one-hundred he returned to his elvish home. He set about studying magic. Though he started to gain some prowess in magic his studies at this point were mostly academic in nature. He also enjoyed studying history especially as it related to the arcane. While he despised necromancy he studied in detail the ceremonies practices of necromancers.

By the age of one-hundred and fifty the road called out to him once again and het set out to travelling. He brought some of his books with him and would stop in major cities and study the magic texts he found there. He found himself travelling with adventurers, often in search of arcane objects to study. It was while adventuring he met Kara, a half-elf rogue that stole his heart. Kara was travelling with a group of seven others when they met Kin. They travelled together for two years until the group was heading to ruins a few days North of Calimport to hunt for treasure and investigate rumours of strange beasts. What they found was a demon of significant power. The demon, a powerful Nalfeshnee, was decimating the party and struck down Kara. Kin, who`s magic onslaught had been only marginally effective, found an anger and a power he did not know he had. He unleashed a lightning bolt that stunned the demon. Using an ancient scroll, he had found on earlier adventures he transformed the demon into a demonic horse like creature. Kin then pulled the red gem that Shautha had given him from around his neck and held it up to the demon. He found himself muttering an odd orcish chant that unleashed a ray of power from the gem and entrapped the demon within it. The gem also fused into the palm of his hand. Only Kin, Tana (a human ranger), and Bran (a human fighter) had survived. Bran had been badly injured and was close to death for days before he started to recover. It would be Bran who would dub Kin the Demon Slayer. The three survivors travelled together for a few months afterwards but things were not the same.

Tana and Bran decided to head home to Waterdeep and settle down. Kin travelled back North with them and set out on his own when they reached waterdeep. He has gone back to Waterdeep over the years to visit his friends, who now have three sons (the oldest named Kinareth). Kin has embraced the title demon slayer, it is a memory of those he lost. He doesn`t to this day understand how he trapped the demon in the red gem but he can call the demon forth in the shape of a nightmarish horse on which he travels. Kin now studies magic with new purpose. He studies in a quest for survival, he knows one day the demon will break free from its trap and he will have to battle it once more.

Kin Demon Slayer

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